Kotoran Manusia, Standar Pengolahan dan Aspek Metabolisis pada Bidang Resapan.

JudulKotoran Manusia, Standar Pengolahan dan Aspek Metabolisis pada Bidang Resapan.
AbstrakThere are two kinds of human wates product. The first one is solid material which is called faeces, and the second one is liquid material which is called urine. Both faeces and urine contain hazardous chemical and biological constituent element or substancec. Such substances which are found in human waste are various depending on biological digestion process in the stomach, varieties of food, social aspect, age, sex, and climate. Bad sanitation systems especially for settlement areas where houshold waste water treatment is not yet built in accordance with the standard design will produce effluent that causes environmental quality degradation. It can be seen from the different kinds of deseases that affect skin, mouth or respiration. Effluent flowing in the areas with enough space and deeper ground water can be treated through cross sectional absorbtion treatment systems.
KatakunciKotoran Manusia, Aspek Metabolisis, Sanitasi Lingkungan, Air Tanah
MediamasaMajalah BPPT, 1991
PenulisIr. Tasmian dan Ir. Nusa Idaman Said, M.Sc.